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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Strategy Services


We create the best international manufacturing strategy for the production of your biopharmaceutical products. We develop, optimize and implement effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing programs, whether your products are produced in-house, outsourced to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) or partnered. We can quantify and compare your internal versus outsourced biopharmaceutical manufacturing costs, analyze potential joint ventures and perform due diligence audits of a potential partner or CMO.


We can find the best biopharmaceutical manufacturing option for your product. We will identify and quantify all of the relevant project timeline components and cost elements for your project. Drawing on our extensive first-hand knowledge of both process technology transfer and the design/construction of biopharmaceutical facilities, we will ensure that all costs are quantified including:

  • capital costs,
  • internal labor,
  • external services,
  • raw materials,
  • product strorage and distribution,
  • storage, transport and analysis of process intermediates and samples,
  • technology transfer costs,
  • start-up expenses,
  • quality assurance,
  • validation, and
  • regulatory.

Once a decision is made to either Outsource/Partner your biopharmaceutical manufacturing project or Design/Build Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities, we can provide whatever additional services you choose.

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